Online Bass Recording

How to add a professional bass track to your music

Hire Adrian Bass to record a professional bass line online on your music. He can record on any type of music, for example pop, rock, reggae, ska, funk, punk, jazz, metal, or any type of electronic music. Just send him your music and you will receive the bass lines in a short time. The prices are affordable because Adrian’s philosophy is to have great bass on every recording.  Order now!

The workflow for the online bass recording

  • Send your music track by filling in the form
  • Adrian creates and records a bass line then sends it to back to you mixed on the original track
  • You tell your opinion, Adrian does the changes
  • When you are satisfied with the bass line, Adrian sends you the original bass line. He can also mix it into your music and send you the mix.

The Recording studio and environment


Adrian will record the bass tracks in his home studio with his Universal Audio Apollo and uses the Amplitube bass amp / cabinet / room plugin suite to achieve the best bass sound possible. You can select how much the bass sound is processed:

  • Recorded with DI only and your sound engineer applies any additional processing
  • Adrian can add a preamp from the UA suit, like the UA-610, Avalon VT-737, Neve 1176 or another preamp.
  • Adrian can use compressors UA 1176, Distressor or another plugin from the UA suit.
  • Add Amplitube amplifier, speaker and miked room processing
  • Add any bass effect sound available on Earth.

If you wish, only the preamps will effect the sound, but it can sound like the sound is from a high-end traditional bass amp and a cabinet miked up. Any effect can be applied if needed, he uses the best quality bass stomp box pedals that he carefully selected during the last 15 years and the best plugin effects available. What really makes his sound unique and versatile is the JETI bass pickups that are the very best handmade bass pickups available.

Order the online bass recording track(s)

Discounts for multiple tracks! You can order maximum 5 tracks at a time.

Maximum file size: 262.14MB

I will send you the bass track in the required format (mp3, aiff, wav). Please upload an mp3 file, if you have a different format, you can use the following free online converter:
Hints: How active should the bass be from very background-ish to rather solistic. Describe the sound you'd like to hear, and if any effects to be used in the whole or parts of the song. Let me know all the details!