Session bass guitar player

Session bass player for hire

Hire Adrian Bass for your studio session, live gigs or for an online recording collaboration! Adrian lives in Dublin, Ireland, but can travel anywhere in the world or send you the hottest bass tracks recorded for your music in his studio.

Adrian Bass can play any style, let it be pop, rock, reggae, ska, funk, punk, jazz, metal, drum and bass, goa, techno, EDM or any other type of instrumental or electronic music. You can choose from simple, solid bass lines to very unique ones, bass solos or whatever you imagine. Adrian is currently engaged with PsyandBass, an electronic music and rock fusion and touring with Red Hot Copy Peppers, which has been selected as the No1 tribute band in Ireland by the Hot Press magazine.

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Discounts for multiple tracks! You can order maximum 5 tracks at a time.

Maximum file size: 262.14MB

I will send you the bass track in the required format (mp3, aiff, wav). Please upload an mp3 file, if you have a different format, you can use the following free online converter:
Hints: How active should the bass be from very background-ish to rather solistic. Describe the sound you'd like to hear, and if any effects to be used in the whole or parts of the song. Let me know all the details!

Adrian-Bass-Session-Bass-Player-4The sound of the bass

Custom and modified bass guitars are made by master luthiers for Adrian which are equipped with the best handmade bass pickups available (JETI pickups) and can provide a wide range of sounds from vintage tones (Precision, Jazz Bass, Music Man, etc..) to modern sounds with rich overtones.

For online recording Adrian Bass will record the bass tracks in his home studio with a Universal Audio Apollo x8p and 4x interfaces, Apple Logic, Universal Audio bass amplifier, preamp and compressor plugins and the Amplitube bass amplifier and cabinet collection. 100% real amp tones! You can select the style of bass sound and the amount of compression applied to the bass sound. Any effect can be used, Adrian Bass has the best bass pedals and plugin effects.

Adrian Bass is eager to play on your records and live concerts

  • Adrian can provide you with the best bass lines for your songs
  • Always professional and happy
  • Contribute partly or wholly to the writing of the specific arrangement
  • Travel worldwide to your choice of recording or rehearsal studio
  • Available for live performances and tours worldwide
  • Assist sound engineer and producer with recording and mix-down
  • Work tirelessly, until the bass lines are perfect
  • Should you need a rhythm section (bass + drums) or a guitar player, Adrian can help arranging musicians for online recording, studio recording or live performance.